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Scots All Saints College Libraries (ASC): Ancient Past

H J Richardson (ASC)

Ancient Past


Photo by Magnus Engø on Unsplash

World Heritage Interactive Map

Britannica School and Weblinks

Type the name of an historical site into the following to find useful information.

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Historical Site Report

You are to prepare a report on one of the sites listed below. You will undertake a historical investigation where you are to collect information supported by sources to explain:

  • Description of the site
  • Reasons for it being on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Changes in the site over time
  • Preservation and conservation – why is this important?


The Acropolis of Athens The archaeological remains of Delphi
The Pyramids The Monuments of Abu Simbel
The archaeological remains of Herculaneum The Great Wall of China
The Tomb of Shi Huangdi


Referencing and Bibliographies

 It is important to always acknowledge the work of others.

When you conduct research and gather information, make sure you keep a record of your sources to include in a bibliography or reference list. At Scots All Saints we use the Harvard system of referencing. 

For help to create a bibliography using the Harvard system, check the Scots All Saints Referencing Guide available in the library or use the Online Referencing tool below.

U: org     P: pages

World Heritage Sites