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Scots All Saints College Libraries (ASC): Text Types

H J Richardson (ASC)

Clickview Interactive

Persuasive texts are all around us. They convince us to believe ideas and buy goods and services – but how? Discover the purpose of persuasive texts and the elements that work together to achieve desired outcomes from target audiences in this short Miniclip. Students will deconstruct a hilarious example of a persuasive text, and recognise that they encounter them more often than they realise!

Online Game

Advertising Game

Enjoy this great advertising game and learn how to successfully create attractive and informative brochures and leaflets that will capture the attention of readers. Great to identify persuasive text features.

Clickview Interactive

Through an engaging story, this Australian-made, primary program explores what makes good persuasive writing, including incorporating others' points of view into your rebuttals, not being rude, using humour, appealing to emotions, and the importance of research and evidence.

Video Clip

In this Key Stage 2 literacy ‘Lesson Starters’, suitable for Years 3-6, each of the five short video clips provides a stimulus for pupils to employ a range of persuasive writing techniques.

Interactive Resource

Persuasion Map

Students can use this online interactive tool to map out an argument for their persuasive essay.

Video Clip

The first of 6 episodes (2-3 mins) explaining how to construct a piece of Persuasive Writing.