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Scots All Saints College Libraries (ASC): Government in Australia

H J Richardson (ASC)

Government in Australia

This page has resources to support the learning of  local, state and federal government structures and responsibilities.

Digital Book


How does parliament work?

The Federal Parliament meets in Canberra at Parliament House. But what happens there? And what is the Parliament, anyway? A digital book containing videos from ABC Education.


Understanding Australia's Government: State and Territory Government

by Linda Bruce and John Hilvert (2005)

ML   320.494   BRU



Interactive Fact Sheet

Introducing our parliament

This interactive fact sheet gives brief information as well as the option for detailed information at the click of a button. Short video clips are also included.


Understanding Australia's Government: Federal Government

By Linda Bruce and John Hilvert (2005)

ML   320. 494   BRU

Clickview Interactive

Learning all about Australian democracy doesn't have to be dry and boring. It can be dynamic and fun! Using attention-grabbing images and colourful animations, our youthful presenter takes students on a whirlwind tour of the basics of the Australian democratic system.

Online game

Federal, State or Local? Game

This game can be used to learn which services are the responsibility of each level of government. Easy to play, easy to learn.


Federal, State and Local Government

by Celia Meehan and Shirley Sydenham (2003)

ML   320.494   MEE