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Scots All Saints College Libraries (ASC): Research Process

H J Richardson (ASC)

The Research Process



Research and Study Skills Links

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StudyVibe is a rich repository of education and learning resources.

Password: Vibe16

The Research Safari is designed to help you navigate your way through the 'jungle of information'. 

Password: Research123

Steps in the Research Process


   What do I really want to find out?

   What are the key words and ideas for the task?

   What do I need to do?



   Where can I find the information I need?

   What do I already know?

   What do I still need to find out?

   What sources and equipment can I use?



   What information do I really need to use?

   What information can I leave out?

   How relevant and credible is the information I have found? 

   Have I applied the CRAP test to my sources?


   Do I have enough information for my topic?

   Do I need to use all the information?

   How will I record the information I have found? 

   How will I best combine information from different sources?


   How can I present this information?

   What will I do with this information? 




Have I answered the question?

Does my work meet the assessment criteria I was given?

Have I given evidence to support my ideas?

Is my assignment structured correctly?

Have I edited my work enough?

Why can't I just Google it?